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Every company is a little different. We work to understand what makes you unique and how we can better help you.
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About Efactory?

Efactory is made up of business and technology professionals who are adept at uncovering business problems and mapping the appropriate technology solution. We have delivered a broad range of IT solutions to small, medium and large-sized organizations by collaborating closely with clients to quickly understand their business issues and translate that knowledge into high value solutions.

How to Find Good People

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How to get the most out of your internal HR recruiter

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Why Efactory…

Removes the guesswork

We have a proven and repeatable process to implement the right resource for the given need.

Flexibility you need

Working with us provides flexibility for staffing your projects.

We are not outsourcers

Our success comes from a clear understanding of your goals, end product and corporate culture.

Maximize utilization

Efactory allows your ramp up and ramp down as your business requires, allowing your company to maximize the productive effectiveness of your IT spend.