Maximize utilization

Ensuring that you are making the most efficient use of your team should be a key concern of any manager. The problem is deciding the most effective way to do this so that you make the best possible use of your available resources. On the surface, it might seem simple. You know how many employees you have, and you know how long each task should take to perform.

The reality is often much more complicated. Each task that needs completing may involve multiple skills, and no two of your employees will have exactly the same set of skills.

Every manager has probably experienced a situation where work risks being delayed due to a shortage of a particular skill while employees with other skills are idle. You might have the ideal mix of skills within your organization for some projects but for other projects you may be faced with a challenging situation. Forecasting the longer-term needs of your business can be particularly challenging in a fast moving business environment where client needs can suddenly change, and you need to be able to respond without delay.

The Solution

If you want to maximize the utilization of your workforce staff augmentation provides an effective solution. Efactory should be your first point of contact. Our experience and knowledge of the industry enables us to source the right staff to plug the skill gaps in your workforce.

By using managed services from Efactory you no longer need to employ more staff than you can use, simply to retain skills which you might need in the future. We can augment your existing team in any way you need, whenever you need it. We have the experience to work with you to ensure that we supply people who are suited to your business and your corporate culture. This means they can get started working immediately, and there is no delay before you can deploy the resources we provide.