We Are Not Outsourcers


At Efactory, we are not outsourcers. We do not take your requirements and go away to build your application, nor do we manage your operations virtually, we partner with you to build your business.

Our success comes from a clear understanding of your company. We understand your business goals, end product and corporate culture. We want to walk your walk and talk your talk alongside your collaborators.

We understand that some organisations are comfortable with the idea of allowing a third party to manage some or all of their application environment. There are occasions when outsourcing can work well, but in our experience it can often create more problems than it solves.

How can you be sure that an outside company is fully in alignment with your corporate goals? Outsourcing can also frequently be plagued by a clash of corporate cultures, or by miscommunication caused by the outsourcing company having a different way of doing business, or even a different corporate mindset to your own company.

The Solution

At Efactory, we make it simple for you to augment your in-house skills with external IT talent who work under your direction and guidance. A growing number of IT organisations are responding to rapidly changing staffing needs by employing staff augmentation. These businesses have learned to trust Efactory to help them build much-needed flexibility into their commercial operations.

Staff augmentation allows you to utilize skills for specialised projects when you need them without the expense of retaining those skills in-house. At Efactory, we have the knowledge and experience to find the right staff for your company. Our unparalleled industry knowledge enables us to locate the ideal specialists to fit into your company and provide the skills you need, right at the time you need them.