What We Do

Meet Efactory

At Efactory, our team will partner with you to build or augment the project teams that can deliver the results your business needs. We have the right expertise to deliver practical solutions which offer real, valuable benefits to your business, and that will help you grow faster and more sustainable than the competition.

Remove the guesswork and reduce risk

Stop trying to guess what your staff requirements will be. Use our staff augmentation services to reduce the risk of not having the right staff available whenever you need them. We have the experience to understand your industry and to find the ideal person to fit into your organization and start working straight away.


Problem Solving

Our managed services team has expert knowledge in both the IT industry and in your local job market. We can find you the right staff, at the right time, whatever your requirements. We are dedicated to helping you maximize your resources and achieving the best possible results.

Maximize utilization

If you want to maximize the utilization of your workforce, staff augmentation provides an effective solution. Efactory should be your first point of contact. Our experience and knowledge of the industry enables us to source the right staff to plug the skill gaps in your workforce.

We are not Outsourcers

How can you be sure that an outside company is fully in alignment with your corporate goals? Outsourcing can also frequently be plagued by a clash of corporate cultures, or by miscommunication caused by the outsourcing company having a different way of doing business, or even a different corporate mindset to your own company.

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